Close to the Gouda railway station a new community-living building will be realized as part of the Spoorzone development. The 241 compact homes have an extensive range of collective facilities. Together with the users, it was determined through participation sessions which collective facilities are needed and how these should be shaped. In addition to the unique tailor-made residential program, a collective way of working is being realized, so that there is also an appropriate dynamic in the building during working hours.

1828 Gouda is a building that offers space for young people in the age group of 18 to 28 years to start a living and working career.

bicycle lane view


Joeri van Ommeren, Tsveta Ruseva, Bob Spitz, Fallon Walton, Filip Vusic, Clara Jansen
Mark van der Heide Urban Design, Peutz, EversPartners, KVMC
1828 Groep