Design team Pact3D, Thijs Asselbergs architectuurcentrale and vanOmmeren-architecten have constructed a plan to transform Zandvoorts’ former wastewater treatment site, from an industrial area to a mix of living and working in predominantly green surroundings.The plan consists of two apartment towers housing 100 apartments (varying in size from 50m2 to 110 m2) and 13 living-work units.

While having a good accessibility with neighboring cities in the Randstad, the location offers unending views of the dune landscape, the sea and the leisure locations of Zandvoort.

The building volumes are finished in yellow ceramic cladding and enamel glass panels. Parking is facilitated in-house, away from the public view. An important aspect of design of the buildings is the sustainability, durability and future-proofing of the buildings.

Alderman Gert-Jan Bluijs: “I have chosen to develop this area in separate parts; especially not everything at once. The start of the build is estimated to start end of 2019.” “The new neighborhood will foresee in new public green. Also, along the train tracks additional vegetation is planned. Visitors will therefore not be welcomed by a messy industrial area.”


Thijs Asselbergs, Dion Nupoort, Joeri van Ommeren, Fallon Walton
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