Thanks to an innovative educational concept, the Alan Turingschool won the Amsterdam school competition. In the fall of 2016, the school started in the existing building of the former Poolschool in Amsterdam.

The board asked VanOmmeren-Architecten to create a plan to transform the building of the school in such way that it will connect to the educational concept. Although at first sight, the building doesn’t fit the requirements and desires of today, the main architectural design actually has a high quality. Through a limited number of interventions, the school can become an energy-neutral building and the usage can be more efficient and provide space to the needs of teacher and child.

existing situation

after investigating of the outdated school we learned that the architectural potential of the building is very high.


Based on the educational concept a series of interventions is proposed to generate a more usable floorplan with higher comfort with an energy-neutral installation concept.

ground floor

first floor


Joeri van Ommeren, Tsveta Ruseva, Laura van Beek
Alan Turingschool
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