Floating homes

Over the past decade, VOA has designed and realised several floating homes. What we have learnt over the past decade has been brought together into an approach that realises customisation based on housing requirements, comfort and sustainability in an affordable way. We apply this approach to both floating neighbourhoods and individual arks. We see floating neighbourhoods as a positive contribution to both the housing and climate crisis. The floating villas are designed as tailor-made suits, matching the residents' wishes. Although the arks differ in appearance, floating villa I and II for instance, what they share is that they generate more energy than they use: they are therefore more than energy-neutral!

Sustainable, comfortable & always unique

Comfort, sustainability and ease of use are paramount in our designs. To achieve this, we apply proven sustainable installations based on the specific characteristics of the ark. Some arks are better suited for an air-water heat pump outside the boat, while others benefit from a water-water heat pump whose hoses are cast into the concrete shell. As designers, we ensure optimum integration of technology and comfort.

onze aanpak

Our approach: tailor-made with the industry

The number of professional ark builders in the Netherlands can be counted on two hands. We got to know their building methods and preferences and translated them into a parametric structural model. With a number of starting points, we can bring this model to an architectural basis in a short time. In this, all housing preferences are implemented.

The principles we define include:

  • berth dimensions
  • maximum construction height
  • underwater profile
  • dimensions of locks on the transport route
  • orientation to sun and surroundings
  • desired storey height(s)

The outcome of the parametric model is a "digital casco" with which the designers, builders and users enter the design process together.

The advantage of our approach

From day one, our digital and integrated approach gives a lot of insight and certainty about feasibility and budget, without making concessions on housing requirements. For the client, this means that the design can be experienced three-dimensionally at an early stage. For the ark builder, our working method means that the financial and technical feasibility can be monitored at an early stage and throughout the entire design process.

van waterwoonswens naar woonark ENG

From desire to reality

Building a floating villa is an exciting process.  From the moment a berth is found to the moment the new home arrives floating. Numerous choices, possibilities, risks, requirements and wishes come along. As architect and process supervisor, we are committed to a transparent cooperation with the ark builder and a process in which the right choices are made at the right time. Clear communication, a high level of clarity and (financial) security give the client the highest possible level of comfort.