How we work

With our Amsterdam-based team of allround architects and engineers, we design recognizable living environments. We believe that our collective way of working is what makes our project stand out when realized. 

Using new technologies, we make design choices that challenge the industry and enable innovation. We are in the know of technical possibilities, speak the developer’s language and feel at home on the construction site. Our realistic approach has allowed us to build a large number of residential buildings in our first five years. Within budget and on time: that is our craftsmanship and our skill.

More conditions means wealth

With our Program of Wishes we pursue more requirements/preconditions than the initial commission beholds. In our opinion, this leads to easier-to-build and better architecture for the user, the neighborhood and the client. When we set all interests involved in motion, a solution arises that meet everyone’s desires. We will continue until we find that one answer to a hundred questions.

Tailored modular building

We see tailored standardized construction/modular building as the solution of the future. That we learned during the last building crisis. Serial-produced housing projects that consist of homes, that fit like a glove will retain their usability. With our architecture, be it villa or housing block, we really want to add value, instead of building what currently works. Diversity in housing typology means architectural richness with lasting value.

Facilitate customization

It’s our drive to create a bond between building and user, to get people involved. Recognizability and identity lead to care and engagement. In our designs we include triggers that allow the user to customize and adapt their living environment to their changing needs. We call this Design for Affinity. We have developed a generic toolbox to make specific places. This allows us to achieve maximum quality even with mass-produced houses and within existing architectural techniques.