About us

VOA is an architectural firm that strives to build recognizable living environments that fit like a glove, in which the user can adapt their home over time to their changing wishes. We innovate through the smart use of existing architectural resources. Architecture is our tool to make (unexpected) connections with which the maximum achievable plan can be realized.

Van Ommeren Architects works from Amsterdam. We are a small and dynamic team that can easily scale its production when needed. Partnerships and collaborations are our core. Joeri has drawn experience from working for Santiago Calatrava, we regularly team up with Cie. and Thijs Asselbergs and contribute to the Open Building Platform.

"I believe that recognizable living environments that fit like a glove, make people care about a place. What I enjoy most, is creating living environments people feel a part of, preferably in close connection with nature."

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Joeri van Ommeren, founding architect

We have had pleasant experiences with Joeri van Ommeren in the past. He is a talented young architect, capable of designing larger buildings, like De Scheepmaker. He has an ability to create appealing liveable dwelling plans.

Vreugdefotografie VF 3785 preview

Ernest van der Meijde (Wibaut) and Jan Jaap van Kampen (AIVM)